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Marketing Support Services and Strategy.

Having been marketing online since 1997 I am aware that online marketing can be confusing for alot of business owners.

The internet offers us all an amazing opportunity to reach new prospects but online providers can be expensive and also working with them can be confusing.  I know many business owners have been ripped off by service providers.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in all areas of online marketing and have created a support service that works on an hourly basis to get work done providing business owners with an expert way to get online easily at a low cost.

No matter what your issue is we can probably help.  From websites to email marketing and social media we are able to jump in and solve issues at an hourly rate so you know exactly how much any job will cost giving you peace of mind that your budget will not be blown and the business gets exactly what it needs to grow.

Need to Help with Strategy? Not only do we provide services you can also have a coaching session with me to clarify your thinking or create an online marketing strategy.  Coaching and strategy calls are billed hourly also.

For any job we charge £65.00 an hour and will quote you up front on how many hours we think it can take.  Often, because we know our way around 99% of marketing platforms it costs less than you think.

Please call David on 07758 653593 for more details.

We Support work with:

Website design and support
Email Marketing
Social Media
Video Creation
YouTube Marketing
Lead Generation
Content Creation

and anything else you need.