Facebook is one of the most powerful mediums you can use to build your business on the Internet with over 2 Billion Facebook users.

NB:  Facebook Live will give you three times more viewing rates compare to recorded videos!  facebook-live

This is the reason why it is important for you to start making the habit of connecting directly with your audience with FB Live.

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In fact, studies have shown for many (many) years that people buy from someone they trust. It also means that when you share your knowledge with your potential audience especially with a live broadcast, you will be able to build a bonded relationship better than those marketers who utilize other mediums such as emailing or regular Facebook posts.

Basically, the more direct interaction you have with your potential clients, the higher your chances to convert prospects to sales.

Trick #1: Always focus on quality content at all costs. – While the majority of marketers focus on tricks and tips to get more viewers, you should always focus on the content you are going to share on each live broadcast you do on with FB Live.How to use Facebook Live - tips and tricks

Trick #2: Utilize Popular Headline From Newswire. – Instead of trying to come out with cool headlines, go to google.com and type in the keyword such as: get your ex…. Google will automatically give you suggestion. Use the suggestion from Google.

Trick #3: Do one live broadcast per day on Facebook. – Consistency is key. The more you broadcast live on Facebook, the more people will stay “addicted” to listen to the content you want to share with them. HINT: Of course, it is vitally important for you to focus on high quality content at all cost.

Trick #4: Solve One Problem for Each Live Broadcast – Instead of trying to impress your audience on solving all their problems, you need to concentrate on helping your audience to solve only ONE problem. For example: If you want to teach your audience how to talk to a girl, concentrate only on sharing that technique alone. Nothing else. PERIOD.

Trick #5: Use Call to Action to Redirect Your Audience to ONE particular place you want them to go. – It can be to “Like” your fan page, to buy your product, to opt-in to your list, or ANY one of the links of your choice. The reason I said “ONE” is really because you always need to focus on ONE link or ONE action you want them to take. Otherwise, they will get confused.

Trick #6: Substitute Live Broadcast on FB with Regular Post on a daily basis. –Instead of focusing on relying only on FB Live, you can always add motivational quotes or any new short posts to your FB account on a regular basis. This is how you are able to establish a stronger and bonded relationship than those marketers who only rely on FB live.

Trick #7: If you have nothing new to say, always share the lifestyle posts. – It means that if you are a weight loss consultant, you can always share with your audience your exercise or diet daily routine. If you are an Internet marketer, you can show pictures of you hanging out with your family and friends.

Trick #8: Always talk from an authority figure’s point of you. – Remember: A teacher should act as a teacher. Though it is important to be nice to your audience, but you will also need to exercise strict boundaries with your audience. Why is that?

Time is your most valuable asset. So, you got to protect it at all cost. With the awake of social media like Facebook, many people have the mindset of self-entitlement. This is the reason why you need to put a priority sequence in which different audience has different priority of your time. Otherwise, you will spend your time in an unproductive manner.

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